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Technical features and application analysis:
     We focus on the R&D and business development of comprehensive utilization technique of low temperature exhaust heat and take the lead in overcoming the key technologies, such as organic working medium thermal power system optimization design, high-speed organic working medium turbine design and manufacture, near zero leakage sealing system design, highly integrated automatic control system, etc. by adopting advanced simulation and test methods. We have developed a series of low temperature exhaust heat power generating equipment which is advanced in China successfully. Our ORC power generating equipment use the high power density as its power unit, and this technology fills the gap in China and also forms a series of sophisticated, reliable, economical and practical solutions.
     Our ORC power generating unit use high-speed axial-flow turbine as power unit with high power density and high efficiency. There is no water erosion and the service life is longer because of the use of dry working medium. The redundancy design makes the turbine can running in working condition with big variation. The working medium is safe and non-pollution and there is no negative effect to environment. The highly-centralized control technology realizes unattended operation and low running cost. The layout principle is advanced and flexible. The equipment structure not only can be one piece, but also can be dismantled according to the installation environment for easy transportation and installation with low building cost.
     QNP can supply low temperature power generating equipment with any capacity between 50-1000KW, and also can supply customized service to get building block assembling solution fast. Steam with residual pressure exhausted by all kinds of industry, flue gas exhausted by power equipment, hot-water with 80℃+, solar energy, geothermy, biomass and other new energy resources are all available for the heating source.
     We can also supply an entire low-temperature power generating system solution basing on customer’s needs which includs exploration, design, construction, management, operating. Organic Rankine cycle power generating is kind of green energy saving new technology without the use of any fossil fuels and without pollutant discharge.
     Product series:
     Heating source: waste water, waste steam , and any other kinds of water heat resource with 80-300℃
     module A:50-300KW
     module B:250-500KW
     module C:500-1000KW


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