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Sea water desalination plant
Sea water desalination plant
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Desalination refers to the technology and processes of acquisition freshwater from seawater, it is a kind of water treatment technology by removing most of the salts from seawater, the treated water can reach the living and production standard.
The so-called low-temperature multi-effect distillation desalination technology means the saltwater highest evaporation temperature is below 70℃, which is characterized by connecting a series of horizontal tube spray falling film evaporator in series type, and use a certain amount of steam for repeatedly evaporation and condensation, the rear stage evaporation temperature is lower than the front stage, so can get the distilled water that is many times amount of steam. The process is shown below.
QNP committed to the development of advanced water treatment technology, and develop low vacuum condensing steam turbine to combine with low-temperature multi-effect desalination system. This project use low-pressure steam, which is exhausted from steam turbine, for seawater desalination. That steam turbine exhaust steam directly goes into the desalination equipment, completely eliminating the cold source loss of thermal power generation system; energy comprehensive utilization rate has been further improved. Both achieved energy step utilization and environmental protection and energy saving, also provide clean fresh water resources for coastal areas that lacking of freshwater.


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