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Product Description
    MNS equipment is applicable to low-voltage distribution system’s power distribution,motor control centers,and capacitor compensation’s power conversion and distribution and control of the power plants, substations, petrochemical companies, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings etc., The low voltage power control center and motor control centers of the large unit capacity generators, large-scale petrochemical industries and other industries can meet the special needs of the computer interface.
Design Standards
    National Standard GB7251.1-2005 "Low-voltage switchgear";
    National Professional Standards ZBK36001 "low-voltage withdrawable equipment assembly and control equipment" JB / T9661-1999;
     International Standard IEC439-1 "Low-voltage switchgear assembly and control equipment."
Model Meaning
    MNS: MNS is the product code for ABB product

Rated insulation voltage AC660V, 1000V Horizontal busbar rated short time withstand current (ls) 50kA~80kA
Rated operational voltage Main circuit AC380V,660V Horizontal busbar rated peak withstand current 105kA~176kA
Auxiliary circuit current 220V, 380V Vertical busbar rated short time withstand current (ls) 50kA
Rated Power 50Hz, 60Hz Vertical busbar rated peak withstand current 105kA
Horizontal busbar rated current 4000A Enclosure protection class IP40
Vertical busbar rated current 1000A Special operating environment can reach IP50


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