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Emergency Trip System
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Steam turbine Emergency Trip System (ETS) is the most important protection part of the steam turbine, it is the outlet part of the steam turbine electricity trip, and its operation is safe or not will directly affect the safe operation of the turbine. ETS uses Siemens PLCS7-200 as the core operation software, with a variety of protection features, and flexible configuration, and can optionally match according to user's need. ETS can adopt dual redundant functions to achieve seamless security.
Main function:
Turbine Speed> 110% of rated speed (two out of three);
Axial displacement is too large;
Slide oil pressure is low (two out of three);
Support bearing temperature> 75 ℃;
Thrust bearing temperature> 75 ℃;
Low vacuum of the condenser (two out of three) ;
Generator set failure;
Manual shutdown.


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