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    QNP DCS uses SIMATIC PCS7 system as the core technology, is completely seamless integrated automation solutions, which can be applied to all industries, including energy generation, process industry, manufacturing industry, mixed industry and all the industries related manufacturing and process automation products. As an advanced process control system, SIMATIC PCS7 formed a fully integrated system with a typical process configuration features.

Communication network Two layers and three networks, ring networks, fiber-optic communications media, communication speed 100M, supports TCP / IP protocol, the maximum number of nodes is 256, the maximum communication distance is 2500, IEEE industry standards
System time Master clock, I / O station is not greater than 0.25ms, inter-station <1ms
Redundancy mode Full redundant full duplex mode (optional)
Controller parameters 32-bit word length, a single instruction 0.03μs, 4M RAM, 16M nonvolatile memory, redundant controller switching time <100ms, the external interface 232 ports , RJ45 ports, analog control loop cycle is 500ms, the digital control loop cycle is 200ms, power is 300W.
Analog Module 8 points, A / D Converter Resolution 12, internal and external power supply is switched to the hard jumpers, uses optical isolation, when the electricity is in high level, the signal accuracy is 0.02%, when in low level it is 0.01%
Digital Module 32 points, optical and electrical isolation, query voltage DC24V, switch input, relay output


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