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(1)Characteristic and performance analysis of main parts of generator
    Stator:The base seat is welded with steel sheets, and the frame is light but strong. It is axially divided into several air inlet and outlet areas;
    Rotor processing:The shaft is integral forged with high-quality alloy steel and processed with axial slots for rotor winding inserting. The slots are processed by special machine for generator rotor processing, Tacchi high precision horizontal slotting and milling machine made in Italy, to ensure the high efficiency of generator.
    Stator coil: It is stacked by multistrand of dacron glass silk-wrapped copper wires alternately with structure of half-unit type and basket shaped (parts of stator coils use transposition structure). The insulation grade of the stator coil is F grade. The stator coil is shaped by continuous wrapping and mould pressing with mica tapes. The coil end is firmly tied up to the support and the bundling ring with unidirectional tapes or dacron-glass ropes thus the turbo-generator unit became highly resistant towards sudden short-circuit conditions.
    The rotor is composed of shaft, coil, center ring, shroud ring and fan ring etc.The rotor coil is made of cold-drawn flat copper wires, and processed by oxygen-free annealing. The rotor coil of generator with 50MW and above is welded together by silver-bearing cold-drawn copper wires and adopts F grade insulation.
    The shroud ring at rotor coil end is made up of non-magnetic steel.Both ends of the rotor are equipped with centrifugal fan or axial flow fan with paddle fan blade which is forged by high-strength aluminum alloy.
    Silicon-steel sheets:
    Core is coined and pressed by high-quality cold rolled silicon-steel sheets of non-orientation, high permeability and low loss.
    Both sides of the silicon-steels sheet are covered with indurative insulation paint film to prevent short circuit between the stator core sheets and reduce eddy-current loss;
    Mainly produce the following model steam turbine generator and the specifications are as follows:

2 poles steam turbine generator
4 poles steam turbine generator
0.4/0.69 6.3/6.6 10.5/11
(3)Cooling types
     QNP steam turbine generator uses closed-loop air self-circulation ventilation mode.
     Steam turbine generator rotor that is less than or equal to 30MW uses indirect ventilation and cooling;
     Steam turbine generator rotor that is less than or equal to 50MW uses direct ventilation and cooling;
     Steam turbine generator that is above 15MW uses axial flow fan structure structure, instead of the conventional centrifugal fan, improved the cooling effect.
(4)Excitation mode
    QNP's steam turbine generator can adopt static silicon controlled type, two-pole AC brushless excitation and three-pole AC brushless excitation, three kinds of excitation mode.
(5)Insulation system
    Adopt class F insulation materials and insulation structure, during the running time, assess the system according to class B insulation grade, meanwhile some margin has been kept.
(6)Design and acceptance criteria
     Design, manufacture, inspection are carried out according to the relevant national standards, at the same time can meet the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC34-1 latest standards. According to customer’s requirements, QNP’s steam turbine generator can also be designed, manufactured and accepted according to ANSI, NEMA and other international standards.
(7)Technical Performance Analysis
1.Output margin
     The series of steam turbine generator of QNP keeps 10% output margin.
2.Loss and efficiency
     The steam turbine generator of QNP optimized the design and farthest minimized the additional loss and wind abrasion of generator under no-load and short-circuit condition, improved the efficiency of the generator, in general, QNP steam turbine generator’s efficiency is 0.2% higher than domestic similar models in this industry. It is higher than the national efficiency standard on the same capacity level. For example: QNP 15MW steam turbine generator’s efficiency value can reach 97.65%, and the national standard value is 97%.
3.Running reliability
     QNP's steam turbine generator adopts advanced manufacturing technology, especially the rotor’s overspeed test uses high-speed dynamic balancer, rotor’s balance precision has been greatly improved, and the rotor’s vibration value is decreased. So that the steam turbine generator’s running availability factor has been improved, and the unit’s forced outage rate is decreased. At present, the availability factor of the steam turbine generator can reach about 99%, and the forced outage rate fell to 0.04% to 0.4%. Overhaul interval is up to 5 years. And the unit life can reach to 35 to 40 years.
Model meaning
     QF Steam turbine generator
     W W means brushless, without W means static silicon controlled
     D D means double support, without B means single support
     3 Rated power
     2 2 means two poles and means the rated rotation speed is 3000 r/min
         4 means four poles and means the rated rotation speed is 1500 r/min
     A means the design serial number: A、B、C、D


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