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High Speed & High Efficiency Impulse Steam Turbine
High Speed & High Efficiency Impulse Steam Turbine-General Instruction
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    1. Technical features:
    The maximum inlet steam pressure: 10.5Mpa;
    The maximum inlet steam temperature: 535℃;
    The maximum capacity: 200MW;
    Integral rotor; small axial distance between stages; increase the leaving velocity utilization rate of the front stage; improve internal efficiency of the whole steam turbine;
    High efficient moving blades and stator blades are used;
    The maximum internal efficiency in pure condensing working condition: 89%;
    The maximum speed: 15000rpm;
  2. Application Area:
    A. Waste heat & pressure, renewable energy sources, garbage burning, mash gas, biomass generation.
    B. Cogeneration and industrial driving in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, pharmacy, construction materials, textile dyeing industries and so on.
    3. Key Technology:
    A. Every blades stage flow passage size shall be confirmed via turbine flow section optimization program.
    B. New type high speed steam turbine proper structure.
    C. Single-row governing stage take the place of traditional double-row governing stage.
    D. Adopt international advanced high-efficiency blade shape construction, use new designed fish head stationary blades.
    E. Small roots impeller structure optimization.
    F. Monobloc forging rotor constant thickness impeller design.
    G. Advanced last stage design.
    H. Integral shroud rotor blade technology.
    I. New type blade root concave-groove series.
    4. Feature:
    A. Small dimension, light weight, longer overhaul period, high reliability.
    B. Quick-installed structure, easy installation.
    C. High automation level.
    D. Efficiency can be increased 16%.
    5. Energy-saving & efficiency-increasing case:
    QNP manufactured 6MW backpressure high-speed high-efficiency steam turbine, rotation speed is 10000 r/min. Internal efficiency was increased substantially. Under same inlet & exhaust steam condition, the turbine can increase 600KW per hour. If steam turbine running time is 8000 hours/year, the end use can get more 4,800,000 kw·h per year. We calculate the price as 0.12 USD per kw·h buying from National Grid, then the end user can save 576,000 USD/Year.


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